Self Tan- Are You Skilled Enough to Tan Yourself?

Self tan- the idea may sound great but the results may not be all that great all the time. Self tan is a great way to get that bronzed look without shelling out those hard earned bucks in the tanning salon. But not all of us are masters of the job. The bronzed look may be the reason for all your happiness in the start but it could eventually be a reason for your sorrows as well.

Wondering what's wrong, something as simple as getting a tan could do to you? Well, the list is long enough. From a minor skin burn to more grave consequences like skin cancer, the consequences could be ample. But this does not put tanning as an absolutely harmful process that needs to be done away with completely. If only you be a little cautious with your self tan, you could easily avoid most of these effects that arise in the aftermath of tanning.

It is not just skin related issues that you would have to face because of your plain carelessness. Small hassles like the tan wearing off and staining all your pretty clothes could well be the cause of your annoyance. Streaked tan could well be yet another thing that you will have to face, if you are not careful while painting yourself in gold and bronze. But a few tricks and a little more vigil can help keep most of these effects at bay.

Exfoliation is something that you can do to keep off those streaked tans and uneven tanning. Before you go ahead with your self tanning process, exfoliating the area will help you get rid of the dead cells resulting in a smooth tan. As long as you are exfoliating, chances of you seeing certain areas that are darker than the others is very rare.

Since you are no self tanning expert, there is a possibility of you making some mistake here and there. It is possible that you land up with a tanned streak here and there. But hey relax you need not freak out. Something as simple as a wedge of a lemon may help you with this. Quickly rub of the lemon over streaked tan and the excess color will be absorbed. You could alternatively use a cotton ball and toner.

These tips and tricks will help you deal with the effects that arise as an aftermath of your carelessness. But an even better thing to do would be to be careful while you are at it. While you are gearing for the tan, mixing your tanners with some moisturizer will be a great thing to do. Mixing the tanner or bronzer with mositurizer ensures that you do not overdo the tan. Even more, the moisturizer helps in uniform application of the tanner.

Don't let these small hassles take away the joy of your tan. Be careful!