Ways to Spell Sexy with that Seductive Tan

If you want to explore your sexy and seductive side, there is nothing like sporting a sun kissed look. Baking in the sun comes as the immediate solution to all those earnest desires to sport that tan. But spending endless hours in the sun is not always the best thing to do, as excess sunrays can result in early aging and could do more harm to your skin than good. But this in no way means that you need to give away all your dreams of sporting that ever-so-coveted tan. Skip all the worries, as self tanners are here at your aid.
Head to the salon for that flawless skin tan

The soaring popularity of tanning may have lead to the upsurge of countless self tanners in the market but there is nothing to second the results of a session at the tanning salon. We might just carry out the process of self tan in the best possible way but professionals can deliver way beyond what we can achieve on our own terms. For $60 you could a full body exfoliation along with professional application of self-tanner. You even get air bronzing with a regular tanning session.
Be a sun goddess with that golden beaming tanned face

If you are not really willing to shell those pounds, then you could be your own tanning expert by using a self tanner on your face. The first step in this process would be to pull all your hair up so that there are no streaks left making your tan look fake and ugly. Start off by your routine cleansing and exfoliating. However, make sure to give the moisturizer a miss.
The next step would be to cover your under eyes with a protective under eye cream. It is advised to have the under eye skin to be a shade lighter than the usual skin tone as it makes you look younger and your tan more natural.  Mix equal quantities of self tanner and moisturizer and apply evenly over face and neck.  Follow the application with a sweep of bronzer.

Get your body that golden glow

The self tanner is not just for your face. It works equally well for your body tan. When applying the self tanner to your body, begin with exfoliating your skin with a body scrub. Also make sure to shave before you tan. For shaving baby oil instead of a shaving cream is more preferable. Slightly dab Vaseline on your cuticles and nails to avoid any kind of staining. Start by applying the tanner to the calf and then process to the thighs and finally the hips, stomach and torso.
Get started and let those eyes drool over your sexy sun tan.