Top 6 Tanning Products

The sun kissed look has caught the fancy of almost everyone like never before. With the trend fast catching up, the market is being flooded with countless tanning products. Amidst so many products in the market, the decision of what to choose and what not to becomes quite difficult at times. Push away that confusion as here are some great tanning products that you can vouch for.

BioTherm SPF 12 Sublime Self-Tanner for Face and Body

An exceptional shimmery tint makes this product an absolute watch out. If you like that extra shimmer and prefer that orange swathed look, then this self tanner is a must buy. And coming from a known brand like BioTherm, you can go in for this product without batting an eyelid.

The Body Shop Shea Butter Self Tanner SPF 15

This one gets a perfect score for the incredible greasiness it has to offer. The absolute greasiness gives you that perfect bronzed look. If you don't like your tan over the top, then this self tanner with a decent light brown color is the perfect option for you. Even more, this self tanner can be applied with absolute ease.

Clarins Self Tanning Milk SPF 6

This self tanning milk from Clarins is a must buy if you are the ones who watch out for each and every penny. An absolutely worth-the-price product, the self tanning milk SPF 6 from Clarins is a great option. However, if you do not really favor the fragrance that Clarins uses in their products, then you could skip this one.

Clinique Self-Sun Body Self Tanning Mist

A medium/dark brown tanner, this one is an absolute recommend for all those who don't prefer their tan too light or too dark. Though most Clinique products are devoid of any fragrance, this one is loaded with herbal oils like lavender, sage, coriander ad cardamom. But while using this product make sure you also use a moisturizing sunless tanning lotion alternatively.
Estee Lauder Sunless SuperTan For Face, Dark

If you like the default Estee Lauder fragrance, then this one is a must buy. What makes this product worthwhile is its easy application. Unlike with most tanners, you won't have to struggle through applying this product. Also, this face tanner lasts quite a couple of days, it will be well worth the money spent.
Lancome Flash Bronzer Tinted Self-Tanning Moisturizing Mousse

Easy application and the ever-so-pleasant flower Lancome smell made this product worth a try. If you are just venturing into the world of self tan, then there is nothing to beat this product. Its easy application will make your self tanning session smooth and pleasant.
All of these are just some of the tanning products that you could go in for. There is still a lot more to explore in the golden-bronze world of sunless tanning.