A Guide to Buying Residential Tanning Beds

Exit blonde, enter dusky. A tanned skin tone is the latest fashion fad this season. No wonder why everyone is spending countless dollars in the tanning salon. However, you need not hit the tanning salon each time to get that golden glow. You can get that highly coveted tan right in the comfort of your own house, provided you choose to spend on a residential tanning bed.

A residential tanning bed is a great idea as you won't have to get into the hassle of fixing a session at your nearest tanning salon each time. You can simply get your tan as and when you want to.  Residential tanning beds may be a nice idea but they certainly call for some investment. There are quite a couple of things that you need to take into consideration before you put your hard earned dollars at stake. Here are some of them.

Weigh the pros and cons

A tanning bed may help you keep up with the latest fashion trends, but it of course has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Tanning beds certainly mean getting a tan whenever you want to. These residential beds also save you from the regular expenditure at tanning salons. But at the same time, a tanning bad may well mean the hassle of maintaining it and looking after it.

Check thy type

Today we live in a world of choice and your residential tanning bed is no different. When you are out to purchase your tanning bed, you shall be posed to three major choices- horizontal, vertical and portable. The horizontal ones are more shell like where in you can lie down and get tanned. Vertical tanning beds are more like a booth where you stand up to get than tan.  Portable ones are also a great option but they don't usually offer an even tan.

Material matters

You must always take note of the material that the tanning bed is composed of. The material that your tanning bed is composed of is vital in deciding the life of your tanning. Plastic fades off easily and usually does not last long. Go in for tanning beds that are welded as they prove to be more stable than their other counterparts.

Lamp luminosity

It is the bulbs of residential tanning beds that bleach your skin golden-brown. So when buying a residential tanning bed, make sure to take these bulbs into account fairly well. One should not just consider the number of bulbs, but their strength as well. More may not be merrier all the time. Ideally a tanning bed makes use of anywhere between 16 to 24 bulbs. However, the number could even go up to 48 at times.

These are just some of the factors that will help you take a wiser decision when purchasing your tanning bed. But using your gray cells a little more will only help.