Types of Tanning Beds- Stand up for that Bronzed Look!

Sun kissed babes flaunting their bronzed look is simply all over. Be it the sexy Hollywood Diva or the girl next door, everyone seems to have given in to this fashion trend. With the sun kissed look, etching in popularity with each passing day, tanning salons are doing brisk business. Though all tanning salons do a fairly well job, the choice of your tanning salon and the equipment they deploy plays a major role in determining the end result.

Talk about the equipment that most tanning salons put to use and it is usually the shell style tanning beds that come into the picture. But of late, these clam-shell style tanning beds have been countered by a newer version of tanning beds and i.e. the stand up tanning beds. Well, no points for guessing what these tanning beds are as the name alone gives a synopsis. Quite like the literal translation of the name, stand up tanning beds are the ones where in you need to stand while a tanning session is on.
With two different kinds of tanning bed available in the market, a comparison between the two is inevitable. Though both the traditional and the stand up tanning beds have their own pros and cons, it is the stand up variety that has a slightly upper hand. It is not that the traditional variety gets a two thumbs down when opposed to the stand up ones, but for certain reasons the latter stands to gain an edge over the former.

Perhaps the most evident and prominent advantage of stand up tanning beds is the quality of tan they have to offer. Stand up tanning beds offer a more thorough and even tan as compared to the traditional ones that ask you to lie down and can cause tanning streaks. Since the entire process is carried out with you in a standing position, every part of your body gets evenly exposed to the radiations, making your tan more uniform and even.
For those who are dying to don the perfect sun swathed look, stand up tanning beds are a great bet. They not just offer you an even and uniform sun tan but they also serve you with the most effective tan giving you the perfect blazed look. While the traditional beds feature a 100 watt bulb, the stand up variety is equipped with a more potent 160 watt bulb. The stronger intensity of the bulbs used ensures that you have that perfect sun kissed look. You not just get a warm skin tone, but you get that in much lesser time than you would with the traditional tanning bed.
So the next time you watch that Hollywood Diva sizzling on screen with her warm and bronzed look don't get too envious. Simply stand up!