Why Self Tanning Pills Are Not Effective?

To attain effortless tan, sometimes, people simply go for self tanning pills. They take them as an easy way to attain a designer skin. But, using self tanning pills is not at all safe. In America, these pills are banned and you may not find them easily. Self tanning pills can only bestow you with side effects. So, just forget about the desired result.

In case of having no time to go to beaches or tanning salon, wearing bikinis or bathing suits for browning the skin, people go for these pills without realizing that they won't get tanned by using them but just get health problems or side-effects with these pills. A self tanning pill generally comprises pigment called Caretenoid that just increases the level of multi-vitamins in the body. The ingredients present in the pills vary from brand to brand and company to company may pose serious threat to your health.

Very often, it is found that these pills just consist of nutritional supplements. Some of them can even transform the skin color from normal to orange, which just makes you look horrible or funny instead of looking tanned or brown.

The tanning pills have Caretenoid deposit, the pigment in the form of fat under the skin layer, which colors it. But, the amount they use is usually higher than what is required and that is why it has been declared unsafe to take these pills. Those who don't like to have their skin tanned without putting much endeavors but surely not at the cost of their health should avoid these pills. Thus, it is always advised that all the tanners should look somewhere else or go for other options to attain that golden look.