Tanning Naked May Not Be Healthy For You

You may think of tanning your whole body by "tanning naked" inside the tanning bed in your home, but this is not a safe option. You don't require to tan every part of your body since, some parts of the body are never exposed to sun. Though tanning is a fashion statement to many, the main purpose of tanning is to increase the melanin content of your skin so that they protect you from harmful radiations of the sun.

Bronzing tan skin is now a fashion in the western world. But, while you lie in the bed to turn your skin brown by undergoing sunless tanning inside a tanner, take precautions about certain things. Tanning naked may be serious for certain parts of your body. If you are a female use the bikinis that are meant for the tanning beds and if you are a male wear a nicker before lying down inside the bed.

The body parts which may be affected from the tan are:- Eyes, the genital organs, and the mammary glands too. They are sensitive to certain radiations which the other parts of the body readily accept. Therefore, you need to protect them from the UV radiations of the lamps of the tanners.

But, many people suggest that tanning naked is best. You can tan naked but keep the intensity of tan to normal; but the eyes should be protected by wearing goggles for tanning. If you intend to tan naked, take care of certain things:

1. Use tanning lotions with SPF formulae since they moisturize the skin and prevent any rash or sunburn.
2. Wear protective goggles for eyes.
3. Keep the timing of tan not more than 10 minutes.
4. Immediately go to a dermatologist if you find something problematic in the skin contour of your genital organs.