Girl Sunbather!

Girls with frequent tanning have more beautiful and attractive skin. This is the reason behind the increasing population of the girl sunbather. The tanning has always been popular among girls than the boys. The increasing demand of tanning and the associated products have made manufacturers launch various items associated with tanning like, girls tanning lotion, girls tanning spray and many more. Though tanning is fashionable but the risk factors are to be kept in mind. The way teenage girls are tanning, it has raised the eyebrows of many since, most of them don't know about the risk factors and many of them are facing some demal disorders.

A recent study has found a higher percentage of teens using indoor tanners. The question that arises is,"Do they adopt safe methods for doing it?" and it has been found that they are not aware of many things that would turn sunless tanning indoors, fatal. Indoor tanning booths have been designed to reduce the hazards of suntan. This doesn't imply that the tanners are completely safe. They also produce the same ultraviolet radiations that the sun provides for tanning. The only thing is that they are meant to be operated with care and caution, to minimize the bad effects of tanning.

So, dear girls! Do the tanning but, get to know the fact that you may be in trouble and your dating may end up in hospital with your boyfriend waiting with a bouquet of flowers. Things you should keep in mind before tanning- don't do it if you are still under 18 because, the skin cells are not mature enough to receive the radiations; try to avoid topless or naked tanning, repeated exposure of the UVB or UVA rays may lead to skin cancer or premature aging of skin. Use the moisturizing lotions having SPF and DHA formulae. They reduce the tanning time by enhancing the tan, which also means less exposure to radiations.