Can You Get Skin Cancer From Tanning Beds?

If you are thinking sun tanning is the only reason behind cancer then you are wrong. You may also attain skin cancer from tanning beds. Your indoor tanning is as harmful as outdoor tanning in the sun. Therefore, think twice before you visit your nearby tanning salon next time. The tanning lamps and bulbs used in tanning beds emit the same harmful UV or ultraviolet rays as emitted by the sun. These radiations are basically responsible for the Melanoma or Nonmelonoma cancers. Over exposure to tanning lamps and tanning bulb lights reduce the body's ability to produce the DNA.

Tanning bed not only causes cancer but prematures the skin too. Every time we tan our skin, we damage it. There is no escape from it. The competition to be in the fashion race forces many women to go to tanning salons. Majority of women are getting prone to skin cancer due to tanning fashion. Melanoma is the deadly one. But, the younger generation is not taking it seriously at all. They seem to be more interested in looks while ignoring the safety of their skin.

If you are one of these crazy tanners then please say no to your tanning lamps, tanning beds and other tanning equipment. They are not safe at all. You are playing with your death only by tanning yourself. The frequent tanning may literally give you a painful death. Do get tanned. But, restrict the frequent tanning sessions. Tan once in a month and also with proper and suitable tanning equipment. Consult your doctor and dermatologist before going for anything related to tanning. Beware of its harmful effects and go for safe tanning.