Top Less Suntanning

When we tan ourselves under the sun, we are actually under the exposure of UV or ultraviolet radiations. Some parts of our body are delicate, fragile and extremely sensitive to harmful radiations. Therefore, certain precautions are really important, not only to tan properly but, also to stay on the safer side. Most of the people who go for tanning, love to go for topless sun tanning, to tan themselves completely from head to toe. But before you proceed, take care of certain things. There are certain pros and cons that should be followed before hanging around like a topless brown beauty near beaches. Here are some precautions that will help you enjoy the topless sun tanning safely and properly. Always use sufficient rating SPF sunscreen lotion before going for topless sun tanning. Don't expose your breast for more than 10 minutes to the sun. Wear safety eye wears too because, your eyes are as precious to you as your breast. Follow these precautions and enjoy your topless sun tanning with ease. Topless sun tanning can be more harmful to women than men. The breast skin of a woman is very delicate and sensitive. Too much exposure to sun can make it rugged. The age spots are soon visible on the skin, making it look more aged and old. Your breast beauty may be at risk with too much exposure to the sun. The next problem that women can face is breast cancer. UVB and UVA rays present in the sun rays easily penetrate through thin skin of the breasts. But, this does not mean at all that you can't enjoy the topless sun tanning. Yes, definitely you can but, with precautions and limitations.