Risk Of Tanning Bed

While going for tanning for the first time, the crucial question that rises in one's mind is what is the risk of tanning bed? All horrible stories related to skin cancer acquired at the time of attaining the tan brown look left many of us to think twice before going for a sunless tanning. But, there is no need to worry. The tanning beds are not so harmful as they have been stated to be. All the stories that you may have read of deadly skin cancers are due to the improper usage of these tanning beds and over exposure to UV or ultraviolet rays emitted by the tanning lamps or bulbs used in these beds.

The other risks involved in tanning beds are related to your eyes. You need to wear safety googles to protect your eyes from damages while tanning. Though, it is the duty of a tanning salon owner to make you wear those googles but no one takes so much pain. Thus, your eyes safety is in your hand. Otherwise, you may become the victim of cataract and lose your vision forever. So, next time you visit a tanning salon, don't forget to wear proper and safe eyewear to protect your precious eyes.

The next risk involved is too much exposure to UV or ultraviolet rays emitted by tanning beds. There is some time limit for tanning your skin. Too much exposure to these harmful rays will only bestow you with a burnt skin instead of a designer skin. Fix your time of tanning after consulting your doctor or dermatologist.

Thus, there are risks involved while using tanning beds but, only when you are using them improperly. Their proper usage can give you safe and excellent results. So, next time take care of these points and go for safe and secure tanning to avoid risk of tanning bed.