Is Tanning At A Salon Risky

Millions of people visit tanning salons daily in a bid to acquire that heavenly tan. The tanning salons might have gained the popularity but still there are doubts about their being safe. Let us have a look at the dangers posed by tanning salons and booths. It is said that the UV rays emitted in a tanning salon are at least two to three times more dangerous than those emitted by the sun. It is a known fact that UV radiation causes more damage to our skin than what was previously thought.

The first sign of a damage is that the skin becomes pink, red or severely blistered. What actually happens is that your skin becomes damaged. Then there are also other risks associated with UV rays, which is in essence what the tanning beds emit. These risks can be skin cancer, cataracts, immune system changes, wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

What is essential is that you do not get tanned longer than recommended as it surely increases your risk for the above-mentioned diseases.

Since a tanning salon or a booth is a commercial establishment, it is used by a number of people who lie virtually naked. If proper cleaning measures are not undertaken it may increase the risk of contracting infections. Some people fear that it can cause AIDS and STD's. However, the risk of getting AIDS is virtually nil because it is transmitted through bodily fluids. Still, it is necessary that you visit a salon which takes proper cleaning measures all in a bid to guarantee you the safest experience.

Also, using a tanning bed indiscriminately increases your risk of getting melanoma, one of the deadliest types of cancer. Thus, it is important to use it according to the prescribed time limits. Serious damage might occur to the eye which can even result in blindness if sunglasses are not used.

In some patients, itching can occur after use of a tanning bed. It could be due to the fact that you have a dry skin or because you are photosensitive. In these cases, see if your skin reacts well to a generous dose of moisturizer. It might also be because you are taking certain medications like birth control pills or antihistamines. Otherwise, if it is extra sensitive you might have to discontinue the use of a tanning bed altogether.

Certain medical conditions like diabetes and lupus make you more susceptible to the harmful effects of UV radiations in which case you are not a suitable candidate for the same.