Have You Studied The Dangers Associated With Excessive Tanning?

Many people tan just for the gorgeous bronze look and go on with the process with very little knowledge about the squired hazards.

Well, improper tanning under the sun or inside a tanner can be harmful to a larger extent. The craze for tanning among the teenagers is a a matter of concern. They tan their bodies without any safety norms and land up in problems at very young age.

The harmful effects of sun tanning led people stick to indoor tanning beds in salons or homes. But the tanning beds too don't speak of complete safety. They too can cause harm to your body like the sun tan and may be more harmful. Yes, tanning inside a tanner is not that safe as you might have assumed. Both have their share of Pro's and Con's. Let's have a quick look at them.

Harmful effects of sun tanning:

1)Too much of exposure to the sun will burn your skin or may produce rashes.

2)The sun produces harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays of which the former two penetrate the skin. The UVB rays if penetrates in greater amount will destroy the immune system and blood cells of your body.

3)Sometimes the complications may lead to skin cancers of many types of which Melanoma is the most common.

4)Recent study has shown that too much of exposure to the sun also affects the excretory system of the skin.

Harmful effects of indoor tanning:

1)The first and the foremost harm tanning bed can create is producing age spots. The lamps that produce the UVA rays remain so near to your body that the potency of the radiations are very strong and they may create wrinkles, rashes and sunburn.

2)The lamps of the tanning booths produce very low amount of UVB rays thus the vitamin D synthesizing takes place in very low amount and that is a problem.

3)Basal cell carcinoma, melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the three types of skin cancer and excessive lying in the tanning beds can cause these. It is mainly due to the rate of radiations emitted by the lamps. It has been found that the intensity of the rays of the lamps are 35-40% more than the sun.

4)Suppression of immune systems, cosmetic and drug-induced photo sensitivity and damage to the cornea are some of the other problems induced by the tanning beds.

Thus don't use the tanning beds indiscriminately. I am not advising you to leave it but asking you to be careful in tanning so that you don't end up in fiasco. Take the professional tanning tips before tanning from some expert in this field or seek the advice of a dermatologist.