Are Tanning Beds Dangerous?

Are tanning beds dangerous? Most of my clients come and ask me this thing and my answer is always the same; till the time it is used properly and with all precautions, it is safe. The stories published in national dailies related to tanning bed's hazards, panic them. People have started thinking before turning themselves to brown. You just find them questioning the salon owner- is there no danger in tanning beds? Do tanning beds cause skin cancer?

Now, the solution lies in the fact that proper use of tanning bed won't let you complain. Unawareness or incomplete knowledge regarding the use of tanning bed is the most common reason behind the controversies and the damages. Not knowing the time limit, people usually spend too much time in the tanning bed and over expose themselves to UV or ultraviolet rays given by the tanning bed lights which sometimes may cause skin cancer.

Usage of bad quality tanning bed lotions and equipment also contributes to the damage. Cheap acrylic sheets and cheap tanning beds offered by local tanning can't offer you sufficient security and result in skin cancer.

Therefore, use the bed as recommended by the physician or skin care expert. Most of the tips given by these experts are:

- Always keep your eyes safe by wearing proper goggles during the tanning session.
- Restrict your tanning sessions otherwise, you may burn your skin.
- Make use of a branded tanning lotion.
- Own a tanning bed to avoid infections.

Healthy use of tanning beds can be useful whereas the vice versa may prove dangerous.