A Blaze Of Tanning Controversies?

Millions of sun-lovers and fun-lovers flock the beaches to tan! That golden tan is the heart-throb of each and every girl. She wishes to make her skin more beautiful. This she does, surprisingly, knowing fully well that tanning does more harm than good. This is a strange craze. For getting certain additional outside glow, she is prepared to damage the inner vitality of her body.

You know tanning causes you problems, yet you want to be a part of that lively environment on the colorful beach. To run through the shallow waters in the beach before thousands of admiring onlookers in your latest, most beautiful swimsuit, has always been your dream. But do you know that tanning, if you do more often than required, can be the cause of skin cancer?

Still, the temptation of the beach is irresistible. You go for the tanning bed. But don't you know that the remedy is worst than the disease? The tanning beds are equally harmful.

Researchers are equally opposed to tanning beds. In the tanning beds, UV rays may be on the lower side, but they are enough to cause the skin cancer. Tanning often, can lead to eye damage, for this you don't need an expert to caution.

Just try to gaze the sun for some seconds, you can know the result for yourself. Tanning beds will have a telling effect on your immune system. You are likely to suffer from infections and your resistance power to ailments will be much less. The body mechanism will not be able to fight bacteria. Any dermatologist will tell you that tanning can get the gift of wrinkles for you and you look aged prematurely.

When you can not avoid the temptation of tan, and you are convinced about the ill effects of sun tanning, you go in search of an alternative. Go for sunless tanning creams. They give the results of the real sun tan, yet in a different way. You get the results instantly. Many salons offer tan-sprays. These may look like mechanical devices of tanning, and are no match for the open beaches, the lively atmosphere, appreciating crowd, the swim suit and the admiring, blazing sun!

There is small minority who still vote for sun tan—the vitamin D people! The requirement of vitamin D for your body is not in quantity and you can get it through other resources as well, such as fruits and vegetables. In the process of getting vitamin D, if you lose all other vitamins, would it be really worthwhile?

Do sometimes go to the seashore, by avoiding the blazing sun. You don't like to invite such a deadly demon like cancer.

But I have a question. Millions of fishermen all over the world do their job of fishing on the high seas, in the blazing sun. Not many of them get cancer. Will our researcher-friends find out why?