Sunless Tanning Products may work for you!

In summer, more and more teenagers go for a perfect sun tan. Though it sounds interesting, but doesn’t come without any harmful effects. The younger generation does not bother much about negativity involved with the tanning, they simply go by the fashion and as a result are prone to a series of diseases like skin cancer, rough skin etc.

These young people take the tanning as a beautiful pastime or hobby and are more concerned about their looks and not the health. They are not aware of the deadly results of sunburn in the days to come. However, there are also some other ways to achieve the desired tanning and you do not need necessarily to have the sunlight for this.

The idea of sunless tanning mooted in 1960.

In sunless tanning, there is no need to expose the skin cells to the deadly rays of the sun. The people saw the first tanning lotion in the market in 60s and since then a lot of varieties have come in the market. These lotions help you to have a real colorful suntan. Unlike the sun, this suntan is has less harmful effects.

There are many effective and popular brands of sun tanning lotion in the market. You can use these self tanners in the form of cream or lotion. There is also a foam type lotion available in the market today. Some spray sunless tanning lotions are the best alternative against the harmful tanning of the sun rays. You can have a beautiful sunless tan with the help of air brushing which is a sunless tanning method. The sunless tanning method works due to the chemical called dihydroxyacetone.

Dihydroxyacetone is a sugar with no color.

The tanning with dihydroxyacetone lasts from seven to ten days. Many airbrush tanning experts also use aloe vera. Tanning pills are also other alternative methods of sunless tanning. These pills contain pigments called canthaxanthin. Anyway, before going for sunless tanning, consider all the pros and cons.