Dark Tanning Loition For Indoors

If you are using a tanning bed and aspiring for a brown tan, use the dark tanning lotion for indoors that promises to give the loveliest tan you could have thought about. The tanning products especially, the lotions, use moisturizers and nutritional supplements to give the skin a glowing tan. The dark tanning lotion for indoors adds another feather in the glamorous tanning fashion that enhances the tan and at the same time gives a safe copper tone to your skin. The indoor lotions vary in features from those of sun tanning lotions. They have new formula to improve the condition of the skin and protect it from acne, skin disorders, sun burn and alike.

Benefits of tanning lotions
* The tanning lotions protect the skin cells from harmful radiations of ultraviolet rays and also enhance tan.
* The use of tanning lotions reduces the possibilities of loss of skin moisture, rashes or sunburn.
* Saves your time because, moisturized skin tans faster.

Some of the major products of dark tanning lotion are- Australian Gold, Supre, Fiji Blend, California Tan, Swedish Beauty, Designer Skin, Faux tan, Fake bake and many more. The lotions provide a natural tan to your skin and a youthful glow. They have both the SPF and DHA formula to protect sunburn and also exaggerate the tan. The lotions are characterized with anti-aging elements such as carotenoids and beta-carotene.