Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

More than a million people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the United States each year. But, like other health problems, skin cancer too shows certain signs before it takes over your body. Here are some of the warning signs of skin cancer that will help you detect the problem in the initial stages itself.

* A skin abnormality that exists in various colors such as pink, red, brown, tan, pearly, translucent, or black. These skin abnormalities usually increase in size over a period of time.

* Moles that are bigger than a pencil eraser are also a warning signal of a skin cancer. These moles change color, grow and are characterized by an irregular shape.  These moles are also known to develop a different texture.

* Itchy spots that continue to hurt constantly. These spots often become crusty or scab and even bleed.

* Open sores that do not heal on their own in four weeks. At times, the open sores may heal for once but they reopen soon after.

Causes of skin cancer
Constant exposure to UV rays is the primary cause of skin cancer. These days people are constantly exposing them to UV rays for prolonged time, to get a tan. This exposure to sunlight for long durations, in absence of necessary precautions could lead to skin cancer.

People who are more at risk
Skin cancer is a problem that can affect one and all. However, there are certain people who are slightly more at risk:

* People with fair skin are more susceptible to skin cancer.
* People with gray, green or blue eyes are also more prone to skin cancers.
* People who do not burn easily are also at greater risks of developing skin cancer.
* People with blonde, red or light brown hair are also at a greater risk.

Prevent skin cancer
Skin cancer is a problem that can be prevented in the first place by limiting the time you spend outdoors. You can also protect yourself from UV rays by using a SPF and wearing protective sun clothing.

Treating skin cancer
If you happen to fall prey to skin cancers, there are various treatments that can help you with the same. Often abnormal cells are destroyed with surgical methods or topical medications. In certain cases, an initial biopsy may be sufficient to get rid of the entire abnormal growth. There are also various other treatments for skin cancer such as freezing, excisional surgery, laser therapy, mohs surgery, Curettage and electrodesiccation, Radiation therapy and chemotherapy.