Topless Tanning Needs Some Precautions

Major portions of your body are tanned by topless tanning, but there are some pros and cons associated with it. While you tan under the sun or prefer sunless tanning indoors in tanning beds, you are in the exposure of the ultraviolet radiations that make the tan occur. Our body has sensitive parts which are very delicate and fragile. Thus, some precautions would not only help you have a better tan but will make you free from worries related to tanning.

Topless tanning is more alarming in woman because men have no problem with it. Sun is very essential for our body because it not only provides the vitamin D for stronger bones but also improves the immune system of our body. Though, too much of exposure is of course problematic.

Topless tanning in woman has drawn more attention to the harmful effects associated with it. Therefore, if you prefer topless tanning, you need to know what should be done in topless tanning. Why topless tanning is a sensitive issue? Well, it has nothing to do with morality as the clerics shout.

  • Firstly, the breast skin of a woman is very thin, delicate and tender and the suntan makes it rugged. The age spots grow more evidently and quick on such skin. So, a woman with tanned breast skin, risks the beauty of her breast.
  • Secondly, problem is much more serious, the problem of breast cancer. The UVB and UVA rays pas through the thin skin contour and play their part.

Now c'mon, don't lose heart! Topless tanning can be done but you need to be extra cautious. Just avoiding the pernicious activities that inflict danger to your breasts. Whether you go for suntanning near a beach or sunless tanning in a salon or opt for an indoor tanner at your home, do some home work to give yourself the best tanning.

1. Use sunscreen lotions and massage them properly on your breasts so that they don't allow the penetration of excessive radiations.
2. Don't stay too long under the sun, cover the breasts after 10 minutes.
3. Reduce your time inside a tanner if you are going for topless tanning.
4. In topless tanning, you need to protect your eyes by wearing goggles made specially for tanning because the eyes are extremely sensitive to the uv radiations.