Tanning Beds And UV Rays

It is said that the UV rays in a tanning salon are in fact two to three times more powerful than those given out by the sun.

The UVA and UVB rays are responsible for most types of skin cancers. Exposure to UV rays also damages our body's DNA which further also reduces the ability of the immune system to repair itself.

As is emphasized time and again, there is no such thing as safe tanning. Tanning may not only cause cancer but also lead to premature aging of the skin. The problem is that the tanned look is so popular that youngsters, especially women are taking recourse to tanning beds in the salons.

Cancer is touted as the most common problem associated with tanning beds. In fact, it can also lead to the most dangerous type of skin cancer- the melanoma which is characterized by moles.

Earlier, UVB rays were used to give the tanned effect. These UVB rays are short wavelength rays that cause burning. The harmful effects of these radiations was recognized and more and more salon owners shifted to using UVA rays which are of long wavelength. Doing this has given a false sense of security to the salon owners as the UVA rays cause less of burning. However, this security is highly unfounded as they are more penetrative and can even reach the connective tissue and cause immense damage to the immune system, leading to the development of dangerous skin cancers like melanoma.

In fact, some studies actually put it in very clear words that a tanning bed is not at all safe. So, it should be avoided at all costs. But, there are also those who do not consider tanning beds to be as harmful. So until the verdict is out it is better if you could use the certified safe methods. All said and done, it is necessary to take all precautions while going in for tanning at a tanning bed. Remember, moderation is the key!