Tanning Bed Burns are as harmful as you can get!

People have the wrong perception that the bed tanning may easily replace sun tanning, which can never happen. If you try to mess with the sun, you surely will get the burns. Tanning bed has its own share of problems leading to tanning bed burns which are quite harmful.

It is a well established fact that over-exposure to the sun is extremely harmful and they lead to various ailments including skin cancer and rough skin or sun burns. However, there is still need to make people aware about the harmful effects of the tanning bed burns. To understand the tanning bed burns, you should first of all understand how tanning bed works. In case the person sits in the sun for longer period of time, he exposes himself to the harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays affect the pigmentation of the skin and this effect is the prime cause of sun tan. This is also called sun burn.

Ultra violet rays reach the deep layers of the skin and penetrate the depths of the skin deeper and deeper. The short UV rays are more dangerous since they only reach the upper layers of the skin. Tanning beds act as an alternative procedure to the sun and they expose the skin to the combination of both UV/UB rays. UVB rays make an increase in the tanning process in case of the tanning beds. This is one of the major causes of tanning bed burns.

In case the person is over exposed to UV rays, he will get aging on the skin. This will be displayed by wrinkles on his face leading to the age spots with the passage of time. The overexposure can also cause skin cancer like melanoma. The skin which is over burned by the sun is damaged on the permanent basis. Tanning bed burns are as dangerous as the tan burns because of sunlight. It is, therefore, advisable not to have sun tan in case you have very fair skin as it is more prone to the damage.