Squamous Cell Carcinoma And Tanning

The SCC cancer is a common cancer which if not treated properly can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. However, unlike a melanoma it usually does not spread to other areas of the body but the possibility of this happening can not be completely ruled out.

As in most other cases of skin cancer, the common culprit is too much exposure to the sunlight. Also, it develops on the parts of the body which have been exposed to the sunlight. The areas prone to development of this type of cancer is the rim of the ear and the lower lip.

Other areas where it may develop are where the skin might have suffered some kind of injury like scars or burnt areas. Sometimes a chronic skin inflammation or any condition which suppresses the immune system may lead to SCC in the long run. It may also happen to normal, healthy, undamaged skin. In that case, it may be a result of inherited tendency.

Exposure to ultraviolet rays that may come from sun of artificial tanning devices like tanning beds, lamps and tanning booths also increase the chances of development of squamous cell carcinoma.

Again, those who are at a higher risk include fair-skinned and light-eyed people. Blondes and redheads also have an increased chance of getting SCC. Dark-skinned people are less likely to develop SCC. In their case, the SCC may develop due to a pre-existing skin condition or any kind of burn or scar injury. Those who spend a substantial time in the sun doing any kinds of outdoor activities are also at risk of developing the same.

Watch out for the common symptoms which include a wart-like growth, a red scaly patch or an elevated growth with a depression in the center which may crust and bleed occasionally. An open sore which crusts, bleeds and persists for weeks is also indicative of SCC.

The presence of SCC is confirmed by conducting a biopsy and there are a variety of surgical options which may be used depending on the growth and the stage of the SCC.

As far as tanning devices are concerned, development of SCC due to them can not be denied anyhow. However, moderation is the key that you need to follow.