What to Look For In a Tanning Salon

Tanning salons are the best and safest alternative to outdoor tanning. Sitting inside the easily controlled indoor environment, you can get a beautiful even tan that you had always wanted for so long. The experience would be so enjoyable that you would like to come as often as possible (actually, when the tan starts to fade away).

If your visit to the tanning salon is first one, you may be asked to either fill a form detailing your tanning history or reply to detailed questions about tanning history. Further, you may also be given a full description of the tanning process, the equipment used, safety measures such as protective eyewear, and importance of skin care after tanning.

If such information is not made available to you, then you can ask for it from the salon operators or tan-bed operators working in the salon. Apart from that, ensure that salon operators know of your medical and skin history so that if there is any specific instruction to be followed then you are told of it.

There are other things which you need to look for before you avail the services of a tanning salon. The first thing to check out is whether the tanning salon is complying with the law or not. According to US laws, tanning devices and sun lamps are supposed to be regulated jointly by the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission. Ensure that the salon complies with rules and regulations of the two bodies.

During your first visit to a tanning salon, you should also thoroughly check the tanning bed to be used by you. Your focus should go especially towards the timer and the lamps installed in the device. They should be in a working condition and should be in accordance to the regulations of the FDA and FTC.

Check for accuracy of these devices according to the specification given by the manufacturer. A timer should be accurate within +/- 10 minutes. Also, ensure that the ratio of UVB to UVA for the lamp corresponds to timer limits for that ratio. Finally, ensure that neither of the two has modifications unauthorized by the equipment manufacturer.

Do not step inside a tanning-bed in the absence of a tanning-bed operator. According to State Law Section 59.1-310.5 paragraph A, a tanning bed has to be manned by a skilled operator at all times. Hence, check whether the salon is adequately staffed or not. Before using a tanning bed, ensure that the machine has been disinfected and cleaned after its previous use. Further, you are entitled to get a sanitized and clean protective eye-wear to be used through the session.