A Dual- Outdoor or Indoor Tan

Sun Tanning– The Usual Outdoor Method of Tanning
The usual method of getting a tanned complexion is to sit endlessly under the sun. Exposure to sunlight would slowly but steadily give you that much desired tanned complexion that you had always wanted. However, this usual method may be harmful and painfully long as well.

Sunlight is made not just of white light but also harmful ultraviolet radiation as well as infra-red rays. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can cause damage to the skin. Also, overexposure to infra-red can cause severe burns on the skin. Hence, though sun tanning is absolutely free it is not completely safe.

It also happens that outdoor tanners are at the mercy of various uncontrollable natural factors. Some of these factors are as follows-

1. Elevation of the sun- Solar elevation usually determines the amount of UV radiation present in sunlight. This is usually highest during the 2 hours before and after noon. 

2. Altitude and Latitude- It so happens that higher altitudes and lower latitudes receive more UV radiation than other regions. In higher altitudes, UV rays have a thinner medium to traverse while in the equatorial region, they have a lesser distance to travel. Both these conditions increase the intensity of UV radiation received by the skin.

3. Clouds and Haze- It might happen that you would not get ample amount of sunlight on cloudy days, which will hamper your tanning routine. Also, the intensity of UV radiation is highest on cloudless days. Further, under certain conditions, it might happen that cloud cover or haze amplifies the intensity of UV radiation. 

Indoor Tanning– The New Way of Tanning
In comparison to the outdoor method of sun tanning, the indoor method of tanning is considered to be safe as well as more effective. In this method, tan beds are used to impart a tan complexion to the skin. The advantages of this method are numerous. Firstly, tanning is attained in the comfortable and easily regulated atmosphere of indoors. You do not need to spend hours under the sun in order to get that tan. All you need is to lie down on a tan bed placed indoors.

Indoor tanning is quite safe as well. There are federal regulations in place for governing the standard of performance for tanning devices. These regulations cover and control various aspects of tanning devices. Some of them include temperature control, timer control, electrical safety, protection from lamps, protective eye wear and equipment access and support.

Apart from being safe, the results obtained in indoor tanning are fabulous as well. Generally it happens that outside tanning does not give even result all over the body. Well, such is not the case with indoor tanners. They can be adjusted and manipulated in order to get an even tan across the body.

It is needless to point out that indoor tanning is a better and safer way to get that tan complexion. Though it might hurt your pocket a little bit, at least there would be no after-effects to be taken care of.