Get that Tan, but Carefully

A sun breezed look is all that you need to look hip and happening this season. But beware! You simply can't turn blind to keep up with the latest fashion fads. A session at the tanning salon may be the coolest thing to do this season, but you need to watch your steps carefully while you make the move. Tanning may be a fashion fad, but at the essence, it is something that concerns your skin. You simply can't be playing a blind game with your skin, considering that it is a vital part of your body. So while you head out for that golden bronze look, here are some factors that you need to watch out for.

Dab that lotion

You certainly may be dabbing the lotion that the tanning salon offers you, but are you sure it helps you protect your skin? Well, may be not. Before you hit the tanning bed, it is imperative that you dab a sun screen with a high SPF quotient. A sun screen with a 30-45 SPF will work best for you. The SPF will prevent your skin from absorbing excessive UVB rays and protect it from burning.

Protective eye gear

When you ae right there art the tanning bed, all set to get that sun kissed look, it is not just your skin that is getting exposed to UVB rays. Instead, every single part of your body is ready to accept the UVB exosure including your eyes. Thus, it lies in your best interest that you wear protective eye gear before going in for a tanning session.  There is no point risking something as precious as your eyes for a mere fashion trend.

Watch your time

Lazing in the tanning bed may sound a nice idea to you, but your body may not react all that positively to it. Like us our body too has a tolerance level. Too much of exposure of UVB rays to the body may result in negative effects like a skin burn or even worst, skin cancer. So when you step into the tanning bed, don't just while away your time. Keep a track of the duration you seek to spend in there.

Alternative tan

A tanning bad is not your one point source to get that perfect sun bathed look. Thee are other simpler and inexpensive options as well that can help you get that tan. Lotions and sprays that give you that highly coveted tan are readily available in the market. Convenient to use, these sprays and lotions last for a good couple of months before they actually wear off.

It's great to have fun but if the fun is coupled with caution, even better.