What You Know About Tanning May Not Be True

The sun kissed look has become the thing in vogue. Today more and more people are opting for tanning to get that golden skin tone. But, not all of them have their facts about tanning in the right place. Here are some of the common facts that surround tanning.

You do not need sun protection on cloudy days.
Most people believe that they will not get tanned or sun burnt on cloudy days. However, this is not true, sunlight comprises of UVB rays and UVA rays. The clouds are only able to partially block the UVB rays i.e. the primary cause of skin cancer and sunburn. UVA rays on the other hand, does exist even if in mediocre quantity in daylight hours. So, even if it is cloudy outside make sure you are geared up with adequate sun protection.

Tanning beds are safer than sun tanning.
Tanning beds are considered a safer option to get a sun tan as compared to sun tanning. But the truth is that tanning beds are just as good or as bad as sun tanning. This is based on the argument that tanning beds make use of UVA rays which are safer than the sun. However, you must know that prolonged exposure to any of these two is unsafe for your skin.

Tanning protects your skin.
Most people believe that tanning protects you from sunburn. This is based on the explanation that tanning does not allow the UV rays to pass through the skin and acts as natural protection against sunburn. However, tanned skin does not have any external protective layer to protect you from UV rays.  Understand that tanned skin is just darkened skin and cannot protect your skin in anyway.

You need sunburn to get a suntan.
There is a common misconception that sunburn usually fades away and results into a tan. But this is not true at all. A sunburn instead damages your skin and leaves it wrinkles and rough. Sun burnt skin may also have certain blotches. When tanning, you should always limit your exposure to the radiations, irrespective of whether you are using a tanning bed or opting for natural sun tanning. Sunburn is something that you should try to avoid by all means.

It takes equal time to tan all skin types.
Since not all skin types are the same, they will not tan in equal amount of time. While a particular skin type may just take a few minutes of tanning, there are other skin types that do not get tanned even on hours of exposure to the sunlight. For instance people with fair skin take longer to tan. On the other hand people with olive skin get tanned very easily.