Tanning Thru Swimsuit is Not Safe Mode For Tanning

Okay, okay, do you really need a tan? Let me say this, you don't see other races trying to alter or adjust the tone of their skin, do you? It's just all of us white people. Hey, Michael Jackson doesn't count; so don't even go there. I can't help but notice that I'm one of teh few Caucasian males left in American that has no interest in tanning. Personally I enjoy having light skin. It's what I was born with. My Irish background doesn't say that I should have a dark tan. What about you? People, regardless of their race or skin tone, need to be proud of the skin they're in. This just makes sense. In other words, you shouldn't need a tan thru swimsuit. What I want to know is who invented this.

I am not one who condones the practice of tanning or sun bathing. Therefore I'm certainly not going to encourage you to run out and purchase a tan thru swimsuit. The concept alone is just so bizarre to me. I never really consider tan lines because I assume everyone is wearing sun-block. How can you not in this day and age? We light skin folks practically need it in order to prevent skin cancer down the road. However, I do realize that many people still retreat from buying sunscreen. And that they actually prefer a tan thru swimsuit and some sun tan oil. It's amazing at how much we know, but yet we still fail to learn. Even Hollywood has these issues. Celebrities are sun bathing all the time. How many of them do you think own a tan thru swimsuit? My guess would be quite a few.

For all of you out there who must have a dark tint or slight glow, I simply recommend that you avoid the tan thru swimsuit, and instead go with the sunless tanner. This is a much safer and certainly more contemporary fix to the pale skin dilemma. There are so many of these to pick and choose from now days. Just head on down to your local Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy and sort through an entire rack of sunless tanning products. The "Glow" ones are a big thing now. Apparently they don't leave streaks behind. Hey, and another thing, a good sunless tanner will cost you much less than a tan thru swimsuit.