Why Use Indoor Tanning Lotions When Tanning?

A tanned skin is everybody's wish. It increases the sex appeal of a person. However, tanning the skin requires a lot of patience, time and of course, use of safe tanning methods.

Dangers Involved in Tanning
Tanning your skin requires exposing it to either sun-light or an indoor tanning light. The amount of time for which the skin is exposed determines how light or dark the tan would be. Whatever be the amount of time for which the skin is exposed there is no denying the fact that moisture evaporates from your skin at a constant rate. This is one aspect which is overlooked by most people and the result is sun burns of varying degrees.

How to Control Critical Skin Moisture?
Moisture inside our skin is extremely critical. It not only protects the underlying muscles and tissues from breaking down but also enhances the visual appeal of our skin. Loss of this essential moisture can be very damaging. It can cause the skin to become dry, wrinkled and more prone to injuries. Using a sun-tan lotion is the best way to hold this skin moisture inside.

Use of Tanning Lotion- Is It Essential While Tanning Indoors?
Tanning, whether done outdoors or indoors, always results in loss of moisture from the skin. The intensity of light falling on the skin is almost the same in both the cases. This intensity is high enough to evaporate the moisture locked inside the skin. Hence, it is important to use a tanning lotion even when you are tanning indoors.

Benefits of Using Indoor Tanning Lotion
There are many benefits of using an indoor tanning lotion. They are as follows:

* The biggest benefit which you can derive from tanning lotions is that they would help you retain the tan for a long period of time. A hydrated skin would not peel off rapidly and the tan would remain for a longer period of time.
* Further, the vitamins and minerals present in most tanning lotions would also help the tanned color of your skin glow.
* A hydrated skin always gets evenly tanned. An evenly tanned body is far better than an abruptly tanned one.

Buying Tanning Lotions- A Few Tips
Tanning lotions are essential for those who regularly tan their body. Hence, they have to ensure that the product they are buying is reliable and provides enough SPF and also moisturizes the skin. For best deals, visiting local retail outlets (such as drug stores) is advised. Unlike online vendors, you would be able to buy reliable products which have not expired or have become damaged. Though you might pay some extra for it but at least the product would be safe to use.