Why to take risk in Pregnancy with Tanning Beds!

Although there is no scientific proof that tanning beds are harmful at the time of pregnancy, you need to be cautious about certain things if you are determined to use tanning beds at the time of pregnancy. This will bring you some positive results and you as well as the baby will be much safer.

As you should be aware of the fact that the bulbs in the tanning bed emit UA and UB rays, these layers pass through the epidermis. These rays also penetrate the subcutaneous layer and dermis of the skin. According to the medical study, a woman has a much softer skin at the time of pregnancy. The skin under this condition produces excess amount of melanin and the excess production of this melanin can be observed on the nipples. This excess melanin in can also be seen on the face and abdomen which is called the mask of pregnancy in the medical terminology.

Tanning causes the discoloration on the face of pregnant woman which is called chloasma in the medical terms. When the pregnant woman uses the tanning bed, chloasma increases. In case the woman uses tanning bed in the first trimester of pregnancy period, it can lead to malformations in the spine and this is only because of the mother getting exposed to temperature of 102 Fahrenheit degree or above. 

In a pregnant woman, the ultraviolet rays in the tanning bed bulb breaks up the foliate which ultimately leads to the deficiency in the folic acid. This deficiency is much more during the first trimester in pregnancy. Folic acid prevents the defects of neutral tube which are called spina bifida in medical terminology.      

Now you understood that there is no safe bed tanning for pregnant women. According to the stunning revelations of dermatological research, pregnant women cannot be safer while going for bed tanning. In case the woman visits the tanning salon once in 4 to 6 weeks, she is bound to have malignant melanoma. This type of cancer may at times become fatal for the mother as well as the baby. It is better to avoid tanning in pregnancy.