What do you understand by conventional suntanning?

Changing the skin color into brown or attaining a tan look by exposing a body to ultraviolet rays emitted by sun is basically known as suntanning. The skin color changes due to the release of melanin pigment existing in the cells of the skin. Melanin is the major constituent which protects the body from the absorption of excess solar rays. Individuals basically go for suntanning for various factors such as:

- To deal with depression.
- To improve their physical attractiveness by bronzing themselves with sunbathing.
- To improve their skin health.

According to the recent report, almost 22 million people tan themselves every year. But, certain precautions should be followed while having suntanning. Thus, one should carry proper suntanning products along with oneself as over exposure to the sun results in serious health problems. Suntanning products protect your skin from dangers and side effects of suntanning.

There are various skin care products available in market that you may choose from, as per your skin type. The first skin care product that you must have while sun tanning is sunscreen lotion. The best sunscreen lotion protects you from the harmful effects of sun rays. Make sure that your sunscreen lotion has UVA and UVB rays with proper SPF rating.

The other precaution includes wearing perfect sunglasses. Your eyes can get damaged if you are not wearing proper protective sunglasses. Therefore, make sure that your eyes are protected by right kind of sunglasses. Next is making use of sunblock and hats. Dermatologists advise people to wear hats and t-shirts while taking sunbath. These may provide a small degree of protection against sun. In order to have perfect result of suntanning, apply sunscreen to your body, 20 to 30 minutes before going out.