What Are The Negative Effects Of Tanning Beds?

If you are searching for the negative effects of tanning beds then let me tell you that the biggest and the most deadly effect of a tanning bed is skin cancer. Those who have the misconception of getting skin cancer from suntanning only should make themselves aware of this fact. The skin cancer may also occur because of using tanning beds. Your indoor sunless tanning is as harmful as suntanning. Thus, before lying on the tanning bed of your nearby tanning salon to attain the lovely designer skin, think once again.

The harmful UV or ultraviolet rays emitted by the tanning lamps and bulbs installed in tanning beds are behind the development of perilous Melanoma or Nonmelonoma skin cancers. Your over exposure to the lights of these tanning lamps and tanning bulb lights reduces your tendency to produce DNA. Another side effect of using tanning bed is premature aging of the skin. You damage your skin with every tanning session. Every tanning session sucks out the youth from your skin and you think you are looking beautiful. What an irony?

Your craze to be in the fashion race forces you to stick to tanning salons. It is advised to all the crazy tanners going through this to say no to their tanning lamps, tanning beds and other tanning equipment. They are unsafe and slowly they drag you towards harm. I am not against tanning. But yes, I am against tanning for more than what is recommended. Tanning yourself once in a month is perfectly all right. Check that you are using proper and suitable tanning equipment and don't forget to consult your dermatologist before tanning yourself.

Choose safe tanning because it is always better to be safe because you just can't ignore negative effects of tanning beds.