Tips to Check If a Tanning Bed Is Clean

If you are fond of using tanning beds, you should make sure that the tanning bed you are using is clean and well maintained. A Clean and well-serviced tanning bed will give you hygienic tanning. It is a good idea to inspect the tanning bed before you use it. By taking a good look at the tanning bed, you can judge if the bed requires cleaning.  Check to see if the reflectors and lamps in the tanning bed are clean. Check to see if the bed is clean from all sides.

The surface of the tanning bed should be made from a substance called acrylic. It is, in fact, the most crucial portion of the bed. It is very essential to make sure that the acrylic surface is clean. It must be replaced at least once in a year.  If you feel that the bed is dirty, do not be shy of checking to see when the acrylic was last changed.

Normally the acrylic and the lamps are changed at the same time. Some beds may have acrylic so dirty that the acrylic that has to be changed even between lamp changes.  It is very important to keep acrylic in a well-maintained and polished condition. The use of warm water may leave very awkward stains. These stains can be cleaned by the use of an acrylic cleaner.

Make sure that there are no ugly bulges or worn out hinges before you lie on the tanning bed. This will prevent any injuries. You should also check if the filters are giving the right amount of heat. This will prevent any risk of extra heat leading to burns.

As a customer, you are responsible to check if the tanning bed is properly maintained before you use it.