Things About Tanning, Booths, And Beds That You Must Know

In a bid to get the latest tan, various tanning alternatives are being increasingly used by people which include tanning beds, and tanning booths. However, there are a few things about these beds and booths and and about tanning that you need o know. These are:

  • There is no such thing as a "safe tan". UV rays, whether from the sun or a tanning bed are harmful. You do need to keep a check on the exposure levels and time limits. Beware of them!

  • A sunscreen and a tanning lotion meant to be used on a tanning bed are an absolute must while exposing yourself to the UV rays. Most of the sunscreens offer only UVB protection. So, it is better to go in for a "broad-spectrum" sunscreen. They do claim to provide you protection against UVB and also to UVA, to some extent. The rays used in a tanning salon these days are UVA rays. But, there is no system yet for rating UVA protection.

  • None of the two rays- UVA or UVB is safer than the other. Both of them are damaging. It is just that the UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and are responsible for long-term damage including the development of skin cancer later in life.

  • You might have an adverse skin reaction when exposed to UV rays in a tanning salon or even outside in the sun. This risk is for medications like birth control pills, antihistamines and even certain cosmetics and soaps. The skin may react quite adversely to a tanning quest if any of these are being used simultaneously. 
  • In a bid to be fashionable and acquire a tan, we may just be opening ourselves to the risk of skin cancer. Two of the cancers which can be easily detected and are quite treatable are basal cell and squamous cell but a melanoma can be fatal as well.

  • Some women might take recourse to tanning in a bid to hide that unsightly cellulite. This is just a short-term solution. But, the fact is that with time, cellulite starts looking even worse on tanned skin. This is because the skin becomes thinner and less resilient after tanning and the cellulite shows up more prominently.

  • The type of radiation found in a tanning booth can be extremely harmful to the eyes. So, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is essential for salon owners to ask the customer to wear special goggles which will prevent damage to their retina from the harmful effects of the UV radiations. It is just not enough to close your eyes or cover them with cotton or a towel. Do take extra precaution for this very sensitive organ while being exposed to the UV rays in a tanning salon.

  • Most of the teenagers visit a tanning booth with the notion that a dark tan would either heal or at least cover-up their acne and other scars. In fact, both conditions may become worse over time if exposed to the harmful rays. The acne may flare up with a greater intensity and the old scars may stand out even more.

  • If you do not take adequate protection for your skin against the UV rays, it may result in permanent damage leading to wrinkles, premature aging, sagging, and leathery skin in old age.

  • Overexposure to the UV rays can also thin the skin to such an extent that going out in the sun may prove to be harmful. Also the UVA rays can leave the skin more vulnerable.

So, all this was the information that you need to be armed with before you step into that tanning salon.