The History of Indoor Tanning Beds

Indoor tanning beds came into being in the year 1978 and until the year 1988, they did not come under the purview of the government. The first law concerning with the tanning beds introduced as a regulatory body for indoor tanning beds was 21 CFR 1040.20, federal law.  The main purpose of this law was to monitor all the indoor tanning beds and tanning salons as per the set of guidelines of skin cancer prevention.

In order to prevent the skin from the ultraviolet rays, indoor tanning beds are the best available option and these beds give a similar ultraviolet therapy to the light emitted from the sun. The best part of these indoor tanning beds is that you can control the ultraviolet rays according to your need which is not possible with sun.

The popularity of these beds is evident from the fact that the number of users of tanning beds has been increasing with each passing day. The main reason for this is the fact that there are several advantages associated with tanning beds. People use them to get an instant relief from any muscle pain and it provides relaxation to the tired muscles of the body to a large extent.

Every indoor tanning bed is equipped with a timer that allows you to pre-set the tanning time. This timer can be set for 5 to 40 minutes of tanning process. According to the experts, the average body tanning time is around 20 minutes but in some cases it can go up to 35 to 40 minutes.

Though, these indoor tanning beds are very easy to use, if you still face any difficulty in operating them, then you can take help of the user-manual that comes with every bed. This gives you the details of the bed and also the instructions for using them.

It is advisable that before using these indoor tanning beds, you should consult an expert because only he/she can tell you about your skin. You can also take help of the Internet to gather more information about the indoor tanning beds. There are many official websites where you can have a live chat with the doctors and clear your doubts.