Tanning Craze Is On!

Since, the initial phase of the tanning boom, always a bigger percentage of girls are seen being big time into it than the boys. This phenomenon has continued till the present times. The tanning craze is far more evident in girls. Some looks conscious boys are also seen to venture into this domain on a sporadic basis. However, if the gender ratio of the people indulging in tanning is considered, girls out number boys on every occasion.

The producers of tanning products also target the female populace predominantly. Their advertisements are conceived so as to lure the girls into using their products. The girls too respond to it by falling head over heels in order to get a tan. Long since the findings of a comprehensive research came out, conscious people have been crying hoarse over the prospective, ill-effects of using products like tanning beds. However, the girls have hardly been deterred. More than one third of the total number of girls is known to have used tanning beds at least once. A considerable percentage of them use it more than two or three times. In comparison to girls, boys use tanning beds many times less. Barely more than 10% boys have used them at least once and about 7% have used them more than three times.

Another conspicuous trend in the girls tanning phenomenon is that girls show an increased inclination towards using tanning services with the progression of age. Only a small number of girls in their early teens visit tanning salons. When they approach the last phase of their teens, the visits increase noticeably. More than 40% of girls of the 19—20 age group visit salons more than three times.

This trend is an insidious one, especially due to the fact that during the formative years, the ultraviolet factor may cause formidable harm to the skin. Some people have proposed a tax on teenage salon users with a view to discourage them from availing frequent tanning services. However, this step has not yet shown inspiring results, as is evident from the stability in the number of the teenage tanning users. Girls still continue to throng the tanning salons, blissfully oblivious of the health risks associated with it.