Tanning Beds have improved with time

The idea of tanning beds was first mooted by a German company in the year 1970 with the view to cure rickets. And this device helped the patients considerably who had poor bone density. The first tanning lamp came into existence in the year 1970 which proved very helpful in the area of scientific studies. The concept of artificial indoor tanning by the use of UV rays was first started by the German scientist called German Wolff. The main purpose of this invention was to tan the athletes.

With the passage of time, a lot of innovations and improvements were made by many manufacturers and now we have the present form of the tanning bed in our hands. This unique invention has now become an instant hit.

Tanning, of late, has become a fancy for many Americans. More and more people are going for tanned skin and for this, they are ready to spend their time and money. Ultimately, the tanned skin by tanning beds has become a fashion statement. That is why the tanning beds are being produced in large scale all over Europe and Germany. Today indoor tanning has become a major industry in all parts of Europe and has also spread to US as well.    

Earlier the tanning beds that were made in Europe were far too superior to their counterparts in the US. The early tanning beds in the US had poor regulation in the area of emission of UVB rays which led to the sunburns and many other types of ailments.  As a result, several organizations started a number of awareness programs and through their campaigns they were able to teach the people about the dangers of UVB rays. Anyway, these days, the tanning beds are coming more improved and advanced. They emit less UVB rays which reduces or prevents sun burns and cancer to a larger extent. Lately the manufacturers have created a lot of standard models of tanning beds.

Tanning can be healthy if done with a proper procedure. Although there are many improvements and advancements in tanning with the time, the fact remains that the harmful effects are still there. You cannot negate the harmful effects of tanning completely. However, since the modern tanning beds are a result of 30 years of extensive research, they are coming with minimum disadvantages.