Tanning Beds and Hidden Cameras

On May 16th 2006, “a police raid of a tanning salon in New Jersey leads to the arrest of the owners for invasion of privacy and conspiracy.” Nici Crego was only one of the 50 women who had contacted the police with the suspicion of being videotaped while using a tanning bed. The salon was raided, and the camera was confiscated from a slit in the wall vent that the clients had noticed.

This is not a singular incident by any means. Such happenings are known to have occurred over time where the clients are victimized in their ignorance with hidden cameras to tape them in their privacy while tanning. What they thought was a simple tanning session at the salon becomes a humiliation of the worst kind with pictures being clicked of the customers, without their clothes on and used for personal viewing by the owners, i.e., only if you are fortunate. If not, the pictures may very well be sent to the Internet for mass circulation.

Though there have been several raids by the police on tanning salons to find the hidden cameras,  and several have been found,  this, by no means, suggests that cameras are a persistent fixture in every salon. But, how does one really discover whether the salon s/he has chosen, does not indulge in any such shameful practices? Cameras are normally hard to detect with modem technology, which produces cameras in the form of pinheads. With their reduced prices, they have become an even bigger temptation. In a particular case, an arrested owner confessed to have hidden inside a wall clock by inserting it into the dial knob. So, how does one really detect such a minuscule object of invasion?

Out of concern for incidents like this, several gadgets are available currently in the market to make the detection somewhat easier. One such gadget is the camera detector. Its size and circumference is also quite small, and can be carried in the pocket or the purse. Waving it around the room should help you decide definitely whether you are being watched with an automatic beep, and flash lights of the LED coming on at the slightest hint of anything emitting an RF signal, in this case, a camera. On detection of any such gadgets, you may very well complain to the police, and in the process, outsmart the salon owner who has probably had a good thing going, till now that is.

For really sophisticated technology, you also have other truly helpful devices which somewhat resemble the gadgets seen in James Bond flicks, such as the camera finder where simply looking through a specially coated lens would reveal the hidden camera, if any, after a quick careful scan. The hidden menace can be identified by a flashing red dot within a minute of scanning. So, the next time, you visit a tanning salon; ensure to carry one of these smart gizmos along to make you feel that much more secure in your private moments. Right?