Tanning Bed: Beauty Equipment or Health Hazard

Once the summer is here, you would be looking for having a great time out in the sun, having a sun bath. But what about the rest of the year, and what about the people who live in areas where the sunshine is not bright enough to make a decent sun tan possible. This is where people think that the sunless tanning bed comes to their rescue. While most of the people use the sun tanning beds in the sun tanning salons, you can also find a number of people using the sunless tanning beds at home.

A number of teenagers who want to have the bestĀ  tan regardless of what time of the year it is, would throng the local sunless tanning salons, This is not the case with teenagers only however. A number of matured people would also go to th sunless tanning salon if they are about to get a chance to show off their tan. But do you know that in reality these sunless tanning beds are also liable to harming the skin of people who use them frequently.

In fact the FDA has been very concerned about the way people use sunless tanning beds. TheĀ  sunless tanning beds are known to be capable of creating skin blemishes and scars. If used in an improper manner, they are also capable of giving severe sun burns. In extreme cases, the sunless tanning beds have caused severe radiation damage leading to the detection of skin cancer in a number of people. People wanted to use it as a skin beautification measure, but it ends up harming them.

The reason that the tanning beds can be attributed as a health hazard is because the sunless tanning beds emit radiation which does not carry the natural protection which is offered by the sun rays. Whereas the sun rays increase the thickness of our skin, thus giving an additional layer of protection, the sunless tanning beds are not capable of doing this. It is therefore recommended that you should use sunless tanning beds with absolute care and discretion.