Sunless Tanning: The New Age Way to Get a Skin Tan

As the summers draw nearer and nearer, all of us know that it is time to get out in the sun and have some enjoyment. A number of people can be seen lying carelessly in the sunlight enjoying themselves. But lying out in the sun for long hours can have its bad effects as well. A number of people are known to have become infected with sun burns, scars and even skin cancer.

If you do not want to spend endless hours in the sunlight, you must consider getting a skin tan using sunless tanning methods. In the sunless tanning method your skin gets tanned in a climate controlled environment. This may be done through a range of different ways. There  are a number of popular ways to get a sunless tan like sunless tanning beds, sunless tanning pills, sprays, lotions and powders etc. The level of safety and efficiency of each of these methods is varied.

In order to understand the concept of suntan in a better way, we must first know what a suntan exactly is   and how do you get it. The sun emits three different types of ultraviolet radiations. These are the UVA, UVB and UVC. The UVB is the easiest to protect against but UVA rays may not be handled as easily. Both of them have their own effects on the human skin.

Considering that humans have a very capable immunity system, the human body also carries it protection against these radiation within itself. The armor that protects us from UV radiation is called melanin. When our skin comes in contact with the radiation, the skin starts to create melanin as the obvious defense measure. The accumulation of melanin which leads to darkening of skin color is known as sun tan.

The sunless tanning methods use the same principle. They bombard our body with controlled amount of radiation and the result of course is a tan. Please note that not all the sunless tanning methods are safe for everyone. It is therefore recommended to consult a dermatologist to find out which type of sunless tanning method you should use.