Sunless Tanning- Safety Precautions And Tips

The use of sunless tanning procedures has gained wide popularity over the years due to a number of reasons, the importance of safety procedures and tips cannot be overlooked. It is absolutely essential that certain tips be kept in mind before going in for any of these procedures. These include the following:

  • Before going in for any of these products make sure that you are a suitable candidate for it. Some of these products might prove to be allergic to you. So, perform a small patch test before slathering any of them all over the body.

  • Be careful if you are on a medication as it might interfere with the action of these products. Those taking birth control pills or antihistamines have to be over careful. Do take the advice of your doctor before proceeding.

  • Use the best quality of tanning lotion available. Cheap ones can be harmful. So, get the best one even if it is expensive.

  • Professionals do not recommend the use of tanning pills and accelerators. Instead of being helpful, they have been found to be harmful to the skin. A tanning bed might increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

  • Exfoliate and dry yourself thoroughly before going in for a tan. It helps you get an 

  • Apply an even layer of lotion all over while concentrating specifically on the areas that you want to tan.

  • After these products have been applied, you still need to take the regular protective measures when you go out into the sun. These include wearing a sunscreen, wearing wide brimmed hats and avoiding the sun between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., when it is at its harshest. 

Taking into account all these factors, a sunless tanning lotion or cream, gel or spray is a best option only when used with optimum care. Just follow these precautions and go ahead!