Sunless Skin Tanning Product

The sunless skin tanning product may be anything like the tanners, tanning lotion, tanning pill, spray and alike. There are various sunless tanning products that are used for tanning the skin and to get that brown tan. The sunless skin tanning product tans the skin by stimulating the increase of melanin on the skin and also protects the skin from harmful radiations. The sunless skin tanning product may not necessarily produce the UV radiations since some of them naturally stimulate the body to produce the melanin. The benefits of sunless skin tanning products are:

* The tanning beds create the same radiations that make the skin tan but the intensity is reduced by the time of exposure controlled by the auto timers. The risk of getting extra amount of UV rays is not there and so no skin disorder happens.

* The tanning lotions have generally two functions. Firstly, to protect your skin and secondly, to enhance the tan. They can be used both for sun tanning as well as for sunless tanning. There are two kinds of tanning lotions- SPF formula lotions and DHA formula lotion.

* The facial tanners help in quick facial tanning, which can be performed anywhere for 15 minutes.

* The spray tanning is actually an artificial tanning by mists or colors sprayed from the sprinklers of the tanning booth. The tan gives a natural look, but it slowly fades away within 10 days.

* Tanning pills biogenetically stimulate the melanocytes to release melanin and help in tanning.

The sunless skin tanning product can be used conveniently without any discomfort or hazard if used in limit.