Starting Tanning Salons

Tanning salons are latest in fitness clubs and beauty parlors. In fact, they blend in the better of the two options. A tanning saloon will help you   to soak in all the goodness of sunlight, while not compromising on the health of your skin.

People are becoming more aware and conscious about their health and appearance and are ready to spend money to look and feel better. It is no wonder that the cash registers of tanning saloons are ringing. Starting a tanning saloon would in fact be a very good commercial option.

Tanning salons can be customized just the way we need them and more importantly to suit the needs of your clientele. You could open up a chain such as the famed ‘Hollywood Tans’, or it could be a small outlet with only a bed or two depending on the projected demand in  your vicinity.

Make sure you recruit trained professionals with experience in the industry. , There is no doubt that the venture is a profitable venture. However, you need to adopt a very professional approach, as there are risks involved.

Select the right kind of people. Make sure that they are professionally trained and have the experience of working in a tanning saloon. This is the necessary first step to ensure you do not compromise on safety and standards.

Tanning beds of horizontal or capsule configuration are preferable to vertical or booth configuration. These are made of stainless steel and are very durable. Cleaning of capsule form tanning beds is much simpler than that of the booth tanning bed.

Make sure your floors are made of linoleum and that you use steel in the construction of the interiors. This helps to ensure maintainability and cleanliness of your saloon.

Provide for clientele privacy. Separate cubicles are always a good idea as clients get a feel of privacy and space.