Safe Tanning Tips For Rich And Glowing Tan

Tanning is not as simple as it seems and that is precisely why many people face problems while tanning their body. Incomplete or partial knowledge can be termed as the main cause of tanning blues for both natural as well as artificial tanners. Tanning under the sun is different from tanning inside a tanning bed. They both need some different attentions in certain perspectives. So the tips for each of them are different in their own ways.

Tanning tips provided here will help you avoid the harmful effects associated with tanning and at the same time your skin will receive a healthy and safe tan. You will get a tan that will surely make others envy.

Tanning tips for for outdoor sun tanning:

  • Before you go for sunbathing make sure to clean your skin of the ingredients of makeup creams and perfume liquids that make the skin susceptible to sunburn.

  • Moisturizing your skin with SPF lotions before and after the tanning sessions is very important. Moisturizers prevent the excessive penetration of the UV rays.

  • Do not simply rub the lotion to increase protection. Allow some visible amount of the cream or moisturizer remain on your skin.

  • Keep considerable gap of at least two days between the two tanning sessions. The time gap lets the melanin to produce in considerable amount.

  • Keep the exposure time not more than 25-30 minutes under the sun and tan before 10 am since the intensity of the sun remains moderate at this hour.

Tanning tips for indoor tanning inside a tanner:

  • The lamps of tanning booths are important equipments. Prefer the lamps with low UVB rays for better tan. The UVB bulbs with low intensity provide a darker long lasting tan.

  • Don't remain inside the bed more than 10-15 minutes.

  • Moisturize the skin with lotions having DHA (dehrdroxy acetone) as well as SPF (sunburn protection formula). The DHA enhances the tan and take care of lotions having nutrient supplements. The nutrient supplements keep your skin glow brighter.

  • Don't tan completely naked. Instead protect sensitive areas of the body that are normally not exposed to UV radiations.

Following these safe tanning tips you will definitely get the tan you are craving for and I am sure you will be happy to see the results that will reflect in the mirror in front of you.