Risks Involved In Sun Tanning Booths

For a starter you must know that the sun tanning booths are not meant to fry your body parts. This is nothing more than an urban legend. The real fact of the matter however is that sun tanning booth do have their own share of risks involved. If you are about to use a sun tanning booth, you must be able to protect yourself. This article shall inform you about the risks involved in sun tanning booth usage and how you can protect yourself.

First of all you must know that just like the sun, the sun tanning lamps in these sun tanning booths emit ultraviolet radiation. There are two main types of radiation in ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. You can easily protect yourself against UVB radiation as compared to the UVA radiation. UVB can cause sunburns, buy UVA is more notorious. It can penetrate in our skin to the much deeper levels. Unchecked exposure to UVA radiation for prolonged periods can lead to development of health hazards, even skin cancer.

For quite some time, people thought that the tanning beds were safe. This can be attributed to the misconception that these beds only expose you to UVA radiation and the chances of sunburn are very low. Gradually however, people came to realized that UVA radiation is not the saintly one. Soon people discovered that UVA exposure led to skin cancer as well. The myth of safety was busted and people started to take appropriate care and precaution while using these sun tanning beds.

While the cancer is one of the worst results of unchecked prolonged exposure in sunless tanning booths, it is not the only one. You are exposed to premature symptoms of aging. Similarly the loss of elasticity of skin is also a by-product of sunless tanning booths.

Like almost all the forms of radiation, the the UV radiation has both negative and positive aspects. If you want a quick tan, the sunless tanning booths are a great choice but you must make sure that you must not spend more time than recommended in manual that come with the booth.