Precautions To Be Taken When Going For Natural Sun Bathing!

In natural sun bathing you tan yourself by exposing the major part of your body to UV or ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Release of melanin pigment into skin cells results in changing of the skin color. It is the major constituent, which is actually responsible for protecting the body from excessive absorption of sun rays. Basically, people prefer sun tanning to deal with depression and to make themselves beautiful by bronzing their skin. Every year, almost 22 million Americans tan themselves just out of craze. You need to follow some extra precautions while going for natural sun bathing. These are:
- Carry suitable sun tanning products to protect yourself from the harms of excessive exposure to the sun. These products protect you from the harmful effects of sun tanning.

- Choose the skin care products as per the nature of your skin. Don't go for anything just for the sake of buying. Out of various skin care products available in the market, choose as per your requirements.

- Never ever forget to buy a suitable sunscreen lotion. This is must to protect you from the harmful effects of sun rays.

- Don't forget to wear safety eyewear. Wearing a wrong one or unsafe one can damage your eyes forever.

- Wear hats and sun blocks too.

- Dermatologists always ask people to wear hats and t-shirts when going for natural sun bathing. A small degree of protection may be provided by this.

- Apply sunscreen around 20-30 minutes before going in the sun.