Possible Dangers of Tanning Pills

Tanning pills claim to enhance skin colouring with minimal sun exposure. They work by affecting the skin pigmentation on a purely biochemical level. However, as with most tanning products, the safety and effectiveness of the pills is yet to be ascertained.

Any oral product containing tyrosine- a common tanning ingredient- should be taken cautiously with careful consideration of the repercussions. Classified as dietary supplements, the pills can interfere with certain appetite suppressants. The pills should not be taken along with anti depressants at any cost as they may cause a severe rise in your blood pressure levels.

Canthaxanthin is another ingredient to be wary of when taking tanning pills. People who take the pills consisting of this particular substance often find their stool or urine reddish in consistency leading them to believe that they are bleeding internally. However, Canthaxanthin is a colouring agent and is prone to stain bodily substances, including the internal organs. The hands and the feet are also areas where the substance typically accumulates rendering the palms of your hand and the soles of your feet orange in colour.

Also, continuous intake of canthaxanthin can lead to canthaxanthin retinopathy. This occurs when excess pigment along with its metabolites crystallizes on the retina or the area around it. This blocks the nerve cells and people affected by them often report seeing white flashes. However, this condition usually disappears once the pill intake is stopped.

The substance can also trigger certain allergic reactions. Most people suffer from rashes which take on the form of itchy reddish patches on the skin surrounded by inflammation all over the body. The pills should be discontinued immediately if these signs of allergy are noticed. Treat the affected area with 1% menthol in aqueous cream and ensure that your skin is kept cool till the symptoms subside.

In more extreme indications, cathaxanthin has been linked to risks of Hepatitis A or liver inflation. While the link is yet to be researched upon, it certainly does exist and people using tanning pills need to be aware of it. Call your doctor if you find yourself suffering from any jaundice symptoms including fatigue, abdominal pain, fever, nausea and diarrhoea. Vaccines are available on request.

The best way to use the tanning pills without falling prey to its many dangers is by consulting your physician. Ask your doctor or healthcare professional about the effectiveness of the tanning pill you are considering. He/she will be able to update you on the associated side effects as well as the overall productivity of the pill. He/she will also be able to help you select the safest way to get a tan with minimal health risks.

Thus, before, you decide on getting a tanning pill to get a gorgeous skin color, stop and think of the possible repercussions. The dangers associated with them may not make the end result quite worth it.