Ovation Tanning Beds For Sunless Tanning

There are a lot of tanning beds from different manufacturers which promise to give better tan and Ovation tanning beds do the same. They are a brand with different models of tanners that help in self tan either at home or at salon. The products of ovation tanning beds are easy to use and assure of no skin disorders like sunburn or acne.

Have a look at some different models of ovation tanning beds:

1. Ovation 124
The 124 series is smaller as compared to other tanning beds but has the features of bigger ones. It is a quality tanning bed among the smaller versions and a hot favorite for salon and home tanning. The time schedule is of 20 minutes and its European style bed is easy to use, with easy entry and exit.

2. Ovation 134

The Ovation 134 is one of the best selling commercial tanning bed and has a room of 7"x 8" with desirable lamps to give you the perfect tan. You choose the 10, 15 or 20 minute tan session.

3. Ovation 144
It has the extra facial tanner attached in it. Other special features are:

  • Lamps of 160 W on top and 100 W on bottom.
  • 3 Phillips 400 W Facial lamps.
  • Fans- has fourteen fans at 100 CFM
  • Voltage requirement is 220 Volts
  • Sessions of tan are of 20 Minutes
  • Warranty of three years.

4. Ovation 134 VLR
The 15 minutes tanning bed is best among its competitor models. Other features are:

  • Lamps of 100 W on top and 100 W on bottom
  • Fans- has 12 Fans at 100 CFM
  • Voltage required is 220 Volts
  • Sessions: 15 Minutes
  • Warranty of four Years on condition.

There are other models specifically made for homes.

The 16H and 24H models are for home tanning. Equipped with the Wolff tanning lamps, they are lightweight and convenient beds that deliver a dynamic, dark, deep tan from head to toe without any discomfort, at your home. The 16H and 24H home tanning models deliver the best results that you are looking for. Features of these 24H and 16H home tanning beds are:

  • Lamps- there are 24 Wolff velocity tanning lamps for 24H model and 16 Wolff velocity tanning lamps for the 16H model.
  • Breaker is of 20 AMP
  • Voltage requirement is 220 Volt
  • Sessions are of 20 Minutes or 25 Minutes
  • Dimension of the beds are 75" x 35"

All the Ovation Tanning Beds are designed for easy maintenance and customer convenient operations.