Methods Of Tanning At The Tanning Salons

Everything in life is nowadays customized to suit your requirements. Even the equipment at a tanning salon. In fact, any person seen at a tanning salon is considered to be a fashionable person and a person in vogue.

Earlier, the only way to acquire a tan was by laying out in the sun for hours together. But, today's busy and hectic schedules have actually left no time with people to devote to tanning themselves.

A tanning salon fulfills this requirement in two ways. Either by making use of special lights or by the use of special cosmetic equipments. Both these methods work out to be quite economical and are effective in giving your body the latest shade. Also, they are a faster way.

In a tanning salon, when tanning is done with the help of lights, then a special clamshell-like bed is used. Special lights are used by means of tanning lamps. These simulate the effect of the sun's rays by giving off UV rays. This method of using a tanning bed is by far the most popular method of achieving a tan. The customer lies down on a bed made of plexiglass while he is inundated with UV rays from above and below the glass surface. Earlier, UVB rays were used which could cause burning but now UVA rays are used because they apparently do not cause any burning. However, it is thought that they penetrate deep and can cause long-term damage.

The other way is by using cosmetics like spray-on tans and others. These products are fast gaining popularity as the harmful effects of the sun's rays are being advertised more and more. These sunless tanning products are far better as they lower the chances of a person acquiring skin cancer.

A spray tan at a booth is much better because it gives you an all-over even tan. It is better if you visit a tanning salon to get a tan as this minimizes the risk of unsightly tan lines and blotching. Also, what about those hard-to-reach areas of your body? A professional at a salon makes sure that all these areas are well-covered while tanning.

Most of these products contain the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which reacts with the cells in the epidermis to give you a tan. This tan is temporary and comes off as soon as the upper layer of the skin flakes off after some time. One of the advantages is that these products come in a variety of specifications. So, whether you want a light shade or a darker one, the choice is entirely yours.