Make Naked Tanning Session A Sheer Fun

Folks nowadays prefer lying naked under the sun to get homogeneous tan color in all parts of their body. So, naked sun tanning is increasingly becoming popular among the Americans. However, like other ways of tanning, naked tanning is also not free of certain prerequisites. These prerequisites are basically some precautionary measures that you should always adopt before going naked in front of sun or artificial tanning lamp.

Irrespective of the way you adopt for naked tanning, you should strictly protect your body parts that happen to be sensitive to UV rays and chemicals used in artificial tanners. For that, a good number of protective balms and creams are available in the market, which should be evenly applied before the session.

Sensitive body parts such as genitals, breasts and eyes may get adversely affected as a result of naked tanning. Hence it is paramount to use extra protection on these parts. Baring eyes, you can apply UV protective SPF formula cream to all parts. For eyes, use UV proof sun glasses.

A naked tanning session under sun must not exceed half an hour while in case of tanning bed lamps time period should be limited to ten minutes. An extended naked session of tanning has been found to be resulting in red rashes on skin. So, post session, you may apply certain herbal oils on your body that don't alter tan color of your skin, instead they help tan last for long.

While going for naked sun tan mode, there couldn't be a better place than beach. At other places, you might be refrained from doing sun bath. Before going for naked bed tanning, you must be sure about amount of UV rays required as per the nature of your skin. This is to ensure an effective tanning session.

Everyday, some new ways of naked tanning are being introduced. You must first seek approval of your dermatologist before opting for any of such methods. Following his advice and these simple precautions mentioned here, your nude tanning session would be a sheer fun.