Indoor Or Outdoor: Make The Choice

Even if you have finally decided to get tanned, there is one more factor which needs to be decided upon. Which is a better alternative- tanning indoors or outdoors?

Earlier, the only option available to the fashion-conscious crowd was that of baking under the sun. Spending hours in the sun was the only possible route to acquire that fashionable tan. But, once the dangers of the UV rays were recognized, other alternative methods like indoor tanning came up. A controversy raged on as to which method was better and safer. But, it has been proved that whichever method offers you protection against the UV rays is superior. Therefore, the indoor tanning methods score over the traditional method of tanning in the sun.

This does not mean that indoor tanning methods, especially tanning salons are without any risks at all. It just means that they are safer as compared to outdoor tanning.

Tanning salons which utilize tanning beds work on the principle of emitting UV rays. These UV rays have to be protected against. In fact, UV rays whether from the sun or emitted by electrical equipments are harmful. So, a sunscreen is absolutely essential. In fact, other recommended protective measures like proper goggles should also be worn for maximum safety. This method has its own attendant risks.

The other option is sunless tanning products like lotions and creams which are to be applied directly to the skin and are safer as well as easy to apply. Moreover, with better standards these products do not leave the skin orange as used to happen earlier.

Sunless tanning sprays are also another alternative of sunless tanning products meant to be applied directly to the skin in the form of a mist. The only problem with this method is that the tan on the feet and the hands looks unnatural. But, now even these concerns have been addressed.

Thus, in view of all; the above statements and facts, indoor tanning has proved to be a safer alternative to outdoor tanning. But, still all precautions should be taken so as to minimize any chances of any mishap because it is also no 100 % free from dangers.